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What is the Best Active Warning Sign Solution for Your Worksite?

What is the Best Active Warning Sign Solution for Your Worksite?

Active warning signs are a powerful piece of equipment in the workplace safety tool kit. They work by delivering flashing lights, beacons or alarms that grab attention to alert people of nearby hazards. They are commonly used in locations where there is a high risk of collision between pedestrians and vehicles, and where people work in close proximity to moving equipment.

Active warning signs only flash when there is a risk of collision. When the system detects an approaching vehicle, the sign flashes. When the vehicle has moved away from the area, the sign stops flashing. And it doesn’t have to be a sign that warns of the danger. Further options include floor projections, flashing beacons, or traffic lights.


Why are active warning signs necessary?

The Health and Safety Regulations 1996 (Safety signs and signals), provides guidance on the minimum requirements around safety signs and signals at work. The regulation states that signs and signals are a requirement where there is a ‘significant risk to the health and safety of employees despite all other measures being in place.

Signage should never be used in place of other safety measures but instead to complement existing safety precautions to prompt safe behaviour. In some cases, particularly where there is a significant risk of serious accidents, more engaging active signage is necessary as it provides an automatic visual, audible or physical alert to highlight the danger.

It’s important to remember that every worksite is different and a one size fits all approach is rarely the best solution. By looking at each working environment individually and assessing the specific risks, safety equipment, and procedures can be tailored to ensure the best solution is available to ensure everyone’s safety.

There are a variety of active signage solutions within the ZoneSafe portfolio – each solution boasts features and benefits that can be applied to a specific safety challenge.




What types of active warning signs are available?

The ZoneSafe suite of solutions includes a range of active warning signage that can be used independently, or in combination with other ZoneSafe products to create a site-wide safety solution.

Activated warning signs:

Activated warning signs are often placed around entry/exit points, doorways and blind corners. A sensor is fitted close to the entry point or blind corner and is automatically activated to alert pedestrians in the area of an approaching hazard.

The alert remains active for as long as the risk is present, and will not deactivate until the hazard is gone.

Suitable for use in warehouses, factories, waste and recycling, construction and hangars.

Activated warning lights:

When a vehicle approaches it triggers a determined warning/ response, for example: the warning beacons flash red to warn of hazards. Once the hazard has cleared, the beacons flash green to let users know it is safe to enter the area. These lights can also be used in conjunction with automatic locking gates at crossroads.

Suitable in any worksite where workplace transport is commonly used.

Traffic lights:

Traffic lights are very effective in controlling the flow of traffic, slowing vehicles and providing safe passage for pedestrians.

The ZoneSafe traffic light system can also be set up to interact directly with vehicles in conjunction with the ZoneSafe vehicle speed restriction zone, where approaching vehicles speed can automatically be slowed on approach of particularly high-risk areas.

Suitable for use in large warehouses, waste and recycling facilities, ports and terminals, construction sites and factories.

Projected warning symbols:

The warning symbol is automatically projected onto the floor when a vehicle approaches. This alerts pedestrians in the area of the oncoming vehicle so that they can remove themselves. This is highly effective around corners, shelving and blind spots where visibility is limited.

Suitable for use in warehouses, factories, shop floors, and hangars.


What are the advantages of active warning signs?

Active warning signs are interactive and timely, providing a highly effective way of raising awareness to hazards. In high-risk workplaces where there are multiple opportunities for collision and injury, it is not unusual to see numerous safety signs and warnings around the walls and floor. The problem arises when people who are very familiar with the signage become ‘blind’ to it.

‘Sign blindness’ poses a significant threat to safety, as workers become so familiar with safety signage, they become numb to the messaging. Safety signs are designed to be powerful on first sight but this impact is naturally lost over time with repeated exposure as familiarity sets in. Despite efforts to highlight signs with different colours, themes and spacing, sign blindness is a common phenomenon so it’s important to take measures to counteract it.

Active warning signs deliver a dynamic display that grabs the attention. Multiple layers can be added including lights, changing messages, audible alarms and physical barriers. This approach acts as a jolt, catching the eye of anyone who enters the area. Active signage is more effective at raising hazard awareness, and this restores that initial impact helping to improve safety and driving positive behaviour.


Which industries benefit from active warning signs?

ZoneSafe active warning signs are easily installed in a wide range of high-risk industries including:

Warehouse and Logistics

In the hustle of warehouse and logistics operations, the constant movement of forklifts and vehicles poses significant risks. ZoneSafe systems detect pedestrians and vehicles, alerting drivers to potential collisions. This technology not only safeguards workers but also streamlines operational efficiency, making it an indispensable part of modern warehouse safety protocols.

Waste and Recycling

The waste and recycling sector, notorious for high numbers of vehicle-related incidents, benefits immensely from ZoneSafe’s pedestrian detection systems. These systems offer a robust defence against accidents, transcending traditional safety measures by automating hazard detection and significantly enhancing workplace safety.

Ports and Terminals

Ports and terminals, with their large vehicles and obscured views, find an ally in ZoneSafe. The systems offer enhanced visibility and early warnings, allowing for timely evasive actions and substantially lowering the risk of accidents in these busy environments.

Manufacturing and Factories

Manufacturing sectors leverage ZoneSafe to mitigate the dangers inherent in crowded warehouses where forklifts transport large loads. The systems’ sensors and alerts play a crucial role in preventing collisions, thereby ensuring the safety of both operators and ground workers.


In the aviation industry, the ZoneSafe Asset Protection & Hazard Alert System is pivotal in preventing aircraft damage and reducing accident risks during pre-flight activities. This system enhances the safety protocols on the tarmac, significantly reducing near-misses and improving operator awareness, especially in poor visibility conditions.

Mines & Quarries

In the challenging environments of mines and quarries, ZoneSafe’s Vehicle-to-Person Alert Detection System is a game-changer. It alerts operators when pedestrians enter their vicinity, thus playing a critical role in averting potential accidents and maintaining a safe working environment.

Which active signage solution is the best solution for your worksite?

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