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One Size Doesn’t fit all

One Size Doesn’t fit all

Discussing one size doesn’t fit all within the warehouse and logistics sector, David Thomas, ZoneSafe’s General Manager raises the issue of having a safety solution that suits the needs of the business and its workforce rather than buying standard off the shelf solutions.

“The approach to any investment in safety solution should be consultative with equipment designed and adapted where necessary to fully align with the needs of a business and its workforce.  Rather than simply accepting a one size fits all approach, employers should engage with manufacturers and work collaboratively to find the most effective and safe solution for their business.  Manufacturers of safety equipment should treat each company as individual, tailoring products where necessary to deliver optimum safety standards that can be maintained to provide long term protection for the business and its people.”

“Employers are obligated to meet general safety standards but how these are achieved is open to interpretation. The wide range of products and services available from suppliers to help deliver safe working practice can be overwhelming so it is important businesses identify what is best for their operation and specific circumstances. When it comes to safety, businesses shouldn’t be afraid to challenge manufacturers to adapt or develop safety solutions that fully meet the exacting requirements of the organisation and its staff. By working with suppliers collaboratively, the highest standard of safety can be achieved.”

For more information and to read the full article, “One size doesn’t fit all”, visit or click on this link. Or to look at our range of safety solutions that are used within the warehouse and logistics sector, head over to our solutions page or click here.

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