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Vehicle Detection
Anti-Collision System

Reduce the risk of accidents between moving vehicles with ZoneSafe vehicle detection anti-collision system

Reduce the risk of vehicle to vehicle collisions


Implementing ZoneSafe’s Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System with audio and visual alerts is crucial in high-risk busy environments such as warehouses, factories, waste and recycling sites, airports, ports, or any worksite operating multiple vehicles and machinery.

Commonly used on forklifts, one of the most dangerous workplace transport vehicles, these alerts enhance safety for both operators and pedestrians. However, ZoneSafe’s Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System will ultimately fit any type of vehicle.

Combining audible alarms and flashing alerts, our system increases awareness in noisy, high-traffic areas, fostering a confident work environment where your staff can operate safely.

Benefits of ZoneSafe’s Vehicle Detection
Anti-Collision System

  • Fits any type of vehicle
  • 360-Degree proximity sensors
  • Reduced Accident Rates
  • Cost Saving
  • Customisable and Scalable
  • Employee Confidence
  • Health & Safety Compliance
  • Easy Integration

360-Degree Proximity Sensors

ZoneSafe’s Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System’s adjustable sensors have two configurable warning alarms.

This system can be integrated with ZoneSafe proximity tags. Combining vehicle and pedestrian warning alerts significantly reduces the risk of accidents on any worksite (pedestrian detection systems).

  • Long-range vehicle detection (up to 50 metres) allows ample time for drivers to take preventive measures.
  • Two configurable alarm warnings; outer pre-warning zone and inner close proximity warning zone alarms.
  • Each vehicle to vehicle system fits to any type of vehicle despite it's size or shape.
  • The system instantly transmits signals to the control unit, initiating an immediate response.

ZoneSafe System Components

ZoneSafe Vehicle to Vehicle Unit

The ZoneSafe vehicle to vehicle anti-collision unit is usually installed on the roof of a vehicle. Using line of sight, the system detects vehicles fitted with the same unit up to 50m away and sends a signal to the control unit.

ZoneSafe Control Unit

The ZoneSafe control unit is positioned next to the driver inside the vehicle. When other vehicles are detected, there are two configurable warning alarms, pre-warning zone and inner warning zone alarm when vehicles get closer.

Reduced Accident Rates

Our Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System is an effective solution to reduce accident rates and enhance workplace safety. With its primary objective centred on averting collisions, ZoneSafe’s system ensures the well-being of workers and visitors, minimising accidents.

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Health & Safety Compliance

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) holds the authority to levy substantial fines on companies at risk of accidents, even if an incident doesn’t occur. In the unfortunate event of an accident resulting in worker injury or fatality, the financial repercussions are considerable, encompassing medical treatment, workers’ compensation, equipment repairs, lost productivity, and legal fees.

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Customisable and Scalable

Whether a worksite needs a forklift anti-collision system or a general vehicle anti-collision solution, each ZoneSafe system can be set up to suit your requirements. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to tailor to any worksite needs.

ZoneSafe’s system incorporates versatile safety technology and equipment for drivers and pedestrians that seamlessly integrate into the daily operations of both indoor and outdoor settings.

Its robust design ensures resilience against common workplace factors such as dust, dirt, and water, making it reliable in challenging conditions.

Easy Integration

ZoneSafe units are commonly mounted on the roof of workplace vehicles, ensuring optimal visibility and functionality. The control unit is strategically positioned beside the driver within the vehicle’s cab, providing easy access and operation. There is no need to drill holes into vehicles to fit a ZoneSafe system, eliminating potential problems through vehicle and machinery rental.

ZoneSafe control unit

Data Collection and Analysis

ZoneSafe’s Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System provides invaluable data insights into workplace safety, enabling companies to discover and assess safety concerns.

Data analytics allows workers to anticipate and address potential hazards by identifying trends and patterns. The system meticulously tracks vehicle activity and pinpoints near misses, offering a comprehensive view of the operational landscape.

These detailed analytics enable companies to implement targeted safety procedures, improving safety culture within the workplace.

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Increase Employee Confidence

Implementing ZoneSafe instils confidence in workers. Employees can focus on productivity and efficiency with increased safety in their work environments.

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