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Vehicle Detection
Anti-Collision System

Reduce the risk of accidents between moving vehicles with ZoneSafe vehicle detection anti-collision system

ZoneSafe Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System reduces
the risk of accidents between industrial vehicles moving around on site.

  • Detect approaching vehicles & significantly reduce the risk of collisions
  • Long range vehicle detection solution with up to 50 metre range
  • 2 detection zones - outer pre warning zone for vehicles further away, and inner warning zone for vehicles close by
  • Different audible alarm tones differentiate between pre-warning and inner warning alarms
  • Simple and easy set up and configuration of the system
  • ZoneSafe vehicle detection anti-collision system fits to any type of industrial vehicle

ZoneSafe System Components

ZoneSafe Vehicle to Vehicle Unit

The ZoneSafe vehicle to vehicle anti-collision unit is usually installed on the roof of a vehicle. Using line of sight, the system detects vehicles fitted with the same unit up to 50m away and sends a signal to the control unit.

ZoneSafe Control Unit

The ZoneSafe control unit is positioned next to the driver inside the vehicle. When other vehicles are detected, there are two configurable warning alarms, pre-warning zone and inner warning zone alarm when vehicles get closer.

ZoneSafe Vehicle to Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System

Create safer places to work using ZoneSafe Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System. Detect approaching vehicles up to 50 metres away warning the driver of initial detection and also when a vehicle is in close proximity. For more information about how the system works, click on the button below to download the ZoneSafe solution.

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Helping you achieve zero work related injuries in your industrial working environment

Specialising in the prevention of accidents, our technology has provided industrial safety solutions for over 30 years. Working together with our customers, we create safer places to work in many different industries all over the world today, tomorrow, and for future generations. Let us solve your safety challenges.

“Detecting vehicles at the earliest opportunity is extremely important to us in order to reduce the risk of an accident between moving vehicles. Giving the driver a second warning if another vehicle gets too close further reduces the accident risk.”

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