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Proximity Warning & Alert Systems

Creating safe work environments by reducing the risk of accidental collisions between pedestrian workers, industrial vehicles, assets and hazards

“ZoneSafe significantly increases the safety of workers across your worksite”


There are many benefits to using ZoneSafe on your worksite. Each proximity warning safety solution can be used as a stand-alone system or combined to create a complete site-wide safety solution.

  • Full 360 degree proximity detection around vehicles
  • Pedestrian alert warning for drivers
  • Vehicle alert warning for pedestrian workers
  • Vehicle to vehicle detection alert and warning
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Create safe working environments
  • Provide invaluable site safety information
  • Used worldwide in over twenty countries

Helping you achieve zero work related injuries in your industrial working environment

Specialising in worksite safety solutions, our technology has helped reduce the risk of accidents for over 30 years. Working together with our customers, we create safer places to work in many different industries all over the world today, tomorrow, and for future generations. Let us solve your safety challenges.

Our Solutions

Sectors we already work in

Warehouse & Logistics

ZoneSafe helps to reduce the risk of accidents. See how we've created safer places to work in a warehouse & logistics environment.

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Ports & Terminals

ZoneSafe's range of proximity warning safety solutions have helped create safer places to work in ports and terminals over in Chile.

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Paper & Packaging

ZoneSafe worksite safety solutions increase safety in the paper and packaging industry. Mondi improved safety across their worksites in Europe.

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James Jones manufacture timber products across The UK. Find out how they've reduced the risk of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles.

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Waste & Recycling

ZoneSafe create safer places to work using their range of proximity warning and alert systems in the waste and recycling sector.

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The people and plant interface is one of the biggest hazards to Eurovia and the construction sector. Find out how ZoneSafe creates a safer worksite.

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Mines & Quarries

ZoneSafe fits any vehicle type including large scale vehicles used in mines and quarries. Eurovia operate similar vehicles with ZoneSafe fitted.

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Aviation use ZoneSafe Asset & Hazard Alert to reduce the risk of accidents on the airport apron between ground service vehicles and aeroplanes.

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Increasing safety for all

Protecting people across all industries


Trusted Globally

Working with customers worldwide

Established for over 30 years

Developing innovative products since 1987

About Us

Our approach is to
work with you and reduce your risk

Solutions for you
Helping you protect your staff

We provide technology driven safety solutions to help protect you staff working in the industrial environment

Using innovation and smart technology

As specialists in smart detection technology, we develop proximity warning safety solutions to increase safety and reduce risk

Support and expertise

From conception to completion, we work in partnership with customers providing support even after your system has been installed

We offer solutions for every challenge and sector

Clients we've worked with

“We have a strong commitment to worker safety with robust safety systems in place to ensure that wherever possible, pedestrians and plant are kept strictly separate. We are very impressed with ZoneSafe and confident the system is an effective way to ensure pedestrian safety in our facilities.”

Eric Gent – Director – Recresco

Featured case studies

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Keyo – Safety Solution Reduces Risk

Keyo had identified a number of potential risks to personnel safety and sought a bespoke solution that could reduce risk to operators.

Read full case study – ZoneSafe Installed at Multiple European Airports

Continual growth in worldwide air travel is increasing the demand on airlines and service operators.

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Latest Zonesafe news

Keeping Your Distance – Using Segregation To Stay Safe At Work

Where people and vehicles work side by side, there is high potential for accidental injury. Around 50 people are killed and more than 5,000 injured…

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Data-Driven Safety

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HSE issue shovel loader safety notice

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All ZoneSafe proximity warning safety solutions are manufactured and distributed by Avonwood Developments Ltd

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