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As seen on Top Gear this week!

As seen on Top Gear this week!

Our market-leading proximity warning solution, ZoneSafe featured in the latest episode of BBC One’s Top Gear released on Sunday 12th June, going head-to-head in an all-action police chase!

Having tested several proximity warning systems for the cat and mouse chase game on the series, ZoneSafe came up top with the winning solution.

The game involved each vehicle being fitted with a ZoneSafe proximity sensor as they raced around a purpose-built temporary racetrack at a power station.

The challenge:

Get within 10 metres of the getaway car for ten seconds and the chase would be over. The quickest to catch the criminals wins.

ZoneSafe provided the perfect solution by efficiently measuring the distance between the vehicles even at high speeds and around corners and obstructions.

In one scene the police car (Dirty Cobra/ Paddy in the Dodge Hellcat) takes to the outside of the building and the ZoneSafe system can be heard raising the alarm as they come together on the exit. This car chase exercise clearly illustrates the ability of our proximity sensors to detect vehicles from behind corners and obstructed views.

Watch the full episode on BBC iPlayer


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