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“Since the implementation of ZoneSafe, the occurrences of near misses or accidents have been reduced to zero.”

“The process is working really well, it’s easy to use and understand, and it has made a big difference. We did have incidents prior to installing the system, and they were all around near misses involving forklifts and corners where staff are working nearby. That’s now completely gone because of this system.”

Andy Conroy, Virginia Hayward - Health & Safety and Facilities Business Partner Read full case study

“ZoneSafe has been a massive safety improvement not only for the people visiting and working on site but also for our own peace of mind. It massively helps identify and reduce the risk on-site.”


“Is the cost of the system worth the investment? Yes 100%”

Michael Perkins, Site Manager - Hanson Read full case study

“Before installing the (ZoneSafe) system, it relied on the skill of the driver and his experience and knowledge of the crane driver to avoid the crane beneath. The system provides an extra layer of defence. We have a system now with a siren and flashing light on the lower crane that can be easily seen visually by the overhead cranes and a transmitter unit on each crane hoist. If that load now becomes too close, it initiates a flashing light and an audible siren.”

Liberty Steels Brinsworth Read full case study

Jason Perry, SHEQ Manager, discussed the implications of installing the ZoneSafe proximity warning detection system and the benefits gained. “After Installing ZoneSafe, it greatly reduced the risk on-site. ZoneSafe has proven to be reassuring to the employees. It’s a sound investment and something others should look into, especially if involved in transport and logistics.”

Charles Ransford & Sons Read full case study

Massey Wilcox has reported good user acceptance across the site “Confidence is building in ZoneSafe and it will eventually become just another part of PPE and the safe way in which we want to operate our business… I believe every time a tag vibrates it’s a potential situation that has been avoided”

Robert Wilcox - Massey Wilcox Transport Read full case study

Recresco had a requirement for pedestrians and vehicles to work in a shared area. They identified that a proximity detection systems would allow vehicles and people to work together in a safer work environment. Since implementing the ZoneSafe System Kevin Edwards remarked “ZoneSafe has improved our onsite safety 100%”

Recresco, Glass Recycling Plant Read full case study

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