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Industry Sectors

Proximity warning safety detection solutions for multiple industries


ZoneSafe works across multiple industry sectors

The leading provider of proximity warning and detection systems for plant vehicles, ZoneSafe operates in multiple industry sectors. Our products are designed to ensure the safety of workers within any industrial sector. We offer adaptable solutions that can be customised to meet the unique needs of each industry. With years of experience and a commitment to innovation, we’re dedicated to creating safer working environments for everyone, no matter which sector you work in.

Sectors we currently work in

Warehouse & Logistics

ZoneSafe helps to reduce the risk of accidents. See how we've created safer places to work in a warehouse & logistics environment.

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Ports & Terminals

ZoneSafe's range of proximity warning and alert systems have helped create safer places to work in ports and terminals over in Chile.

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Paper & Packaging

ZoneSafe worksite safety solutions increase safety in the paper and packaging industry. Mondi improved safety across their worksites in Europe.

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The manufacturing industry often involves forklifts handling large loads operating in crowded warehouse environments.

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Waste & Recycling

ZoneSafe create safer places to work using their range of proximity warning and alert systems in the waste and recycling sector.

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The people and plant interface is one of the biggest hazards to Eurovia and the construction sector. Find out how ZoneSafe creates a safer worksite.

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Mines & Quarries

ZoneSafe fits any vehicle type including large scale vehicles used in mines and quarries. Eurovia operate similar vehicles with ZoneSafe fitted.

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Aviation use ZoneSafe Asset & Hazard Alert to reduce the risk of accidents on the airport apron between ground service vehicles and aeroplanes.

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All ZoneSafe proximity warning safety solutions are manufactured and distributed by Avonwood Developments Ltd.

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