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Drop Zone

Help protect groundworkers from being struck by falling objects / equipment whilst personnel are working at height using a proximity warning solution

When work is undertaken above ground and at height, materials, equipment or tools can be accidentally dropped, causing significant risk to personnel working on the ground below. The benefits of using ZoneSafe Drop Zone are:
  • Creates demarcation zone below personnel working at height
  • Tag vibration gives groundworkers warning when entering drop zone area
  • Demarcation known as a "Drop zone" has an adjustable diameter up to 18m
  • Audible and visual warning alarm from unit when personnel demarcation zone
  • Easy set up within a couple of minutes
  • Alarm stops and tag vibration ceases following exit from demarcation zone
ZoneSafe DropZone

ZoneSafe Drop Zone is a proximity warning and alert system used to protect groundworkers from being struck by falling objects. Click on the download link below for more information.

  • All groundworkers wear a ZoneSafe Tag. This ensures they are detected when entering the drop zone.
  • The Drop Zone Detection Unit is set up underneath the overhead work area and creates an invisible demarcation zone around the area of up to 18m diameter.
  • An audible and visual warning from the unit alerts all workers when they enter the zone.
  • The tag will also vibrate indicating to the groundworkers of the potential danger within the defined zone.
  • When the worker exits the defined zone, the alarm stops.
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