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Pedestrian Detection Systems

Proximity warning solutions that reduce the risk of accidents between pedestrian workers and moving vehicles using pedestrian detection technology

Benefits of ZoneSafe’s
Pedestrian Detection Systems 

  • Enhanced Safety for Pedestrians
  • Improved Situational Awareness for Drivers
  • Reduction in Workplace Accidents
  • Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations
  • Adaptability and Integration
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Cost Savings

Enhanced Safety for Pedestrians

ZoneSafe’s Pedestrian Detection System enhances safety in dynamic environments such as warehouses, waste and recycling, manufacturing facilities or any worksite with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

The risk of vehicle-to-person collisions is high in many busy working sectors. Whether it’s a forklift, shovel loader, reach stacker or excavator, these vehicles have multiple blind spots. Bulky carry loads, size and shape of vehicle, even site layout all increase the risk of accidents between pedestrian and vehicle.

ZoneSafe’s warehouse pedestrian safety system addresses this challenge by reducing the risk of pedestrian collisions, no matter what type of vehicles operate on your worksite. The system activates integrated visual and auditory alerts triggered when pedestrians venture beyond predefined safety thresholds or vehicle detection zones. These alerts effectively warn pedestrians and forklift operators, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

The varied alerts cater to employees with visual or hearing impairments, ensuring the safety of all workers.

ZoneSafe Pedestrian Detection System Components

ZoneSafe Antenna

The ZoneSafe antenna (or proximity sensor) is fitted to the vehicle. The antenna creates an invisible 360 degree adjustable detection zone around the vehicle and will detect ZoneSafe tags up to ten metres away.

ZoneSafe Control Unit

Positioned next to the driver in the cab of the vehicle, the ZoneSafe Control Unit warns the driver of every pedestrian detection, alerting the driver to the pedestrian workers' close proximity via an audible and visual alarm.

ZoneSafe Tags

ZoneSafe tags are worn by all pedestrian workers helping to make your workforce completely detectable. Upon detection, ZoneSafe Vibratags also vibrate, warning the wearer to any approaching vehicles.

Detection Zone

The detection zone is an invisible bubble around the vehicle created by the ZoneSafe antenna. Each tag is automatically detected within the zone and can be adjusted to detect tags up to 10 metres away.

Improved Situational Awareness for Drivers

Even with careful forklift operation, the potential for accidents remains since drivers may only spot some pedestrians. Workers in obscured areas pose significant risks, leading to potentially serious accidents and injuries for pedestrians and forklift operators.

ZoneSafe’s innovative system provides 360-degree pedestrian detection around vehicles, eliminating blind spots and challenging-to-see areas.

Pedestrians wearing ZoneSafe’s tags receive a vibration alert upon detection. The system can detect pedestrians wearing tags through walls, racking, and around blind corners.

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Reduction in Workplace Accidents

ZoneSafe’s technology not only enhances worksite safety for employees but also protects visitors unfamiliar with the worksite.

Positioned next to the driver, the ZoneSafe Control Unit issues audible and visual alarms upon detecting pedestrians nearby, reducing the risk of potential accidents.

By actively reducing the risk of accidents, it creates a more secure environment, alleviating workers’ safety concerns and allowing them to concentrate on their tasks without distraction.

Health & Safety Compliance

Pedestrian detection systems ensure worksites adhere to health and safety regulations. ZoneSafe’s systems minimise workplace hazards, contributing significantly to overall compliance.

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Adaptability and Integration

ZoneSafe’s system can fit any vehicle across diverse industrial settings. Our in-house manufacturing capability further sets us apart, enabling customisation to suit specific company requirements.

This tailored approach ensures optimal performance, enhancing safety and operational efficiency in various industries, from recycling sites to warehouses.

Data Collection and Analysis

ZoneSafe’s system provides invaluable insights into workplace safety.

The data generated by the system allows for identifying trends and patterns, offering a proactive approach to safety management. With meticulous tracking of vehicle activity and the pinpointing of near misses, the system provides a comprehensive view of the operational landscape.

These detailed analytics enhance situational awareness and enable companies to implement targeted safety procedures.

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Cost Savings

While advanced safety systems entail the initial cost, the long-term benefits include reduced insurance rates, legal costs, and medical expenses through accident prevention.

Improved staff morale, retention, and productivity positively impact overall cost-effectiveness.

Integrating ZoneSafe’s pedestrian detection system for forklifts and other vehicles significantly impacts accident rates. This minimises interruptions to regular operations and absences.

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“We’ve been using ZoneSafe for nearly 4 years now and the system has contributed to us having no LTI’s (lost time incidents) or MTI’s (medical treatment incidents) across two very busy sites. I highly recommend this technology”

Scott Van Loon – National Manager For Oil & Gas – Qube Energy – Australia

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