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Enhance Your Marina Safety

Reduce potential collision risks between onsite pedestrian & vehicle traffic when carrying out boat movements during lifting, launching, service, repair & storage operations.


ZoneSafe's activated warning signs significantly increase your marina safety

Sensor-Activated Warning Signs allow marina and boat yard operators to reduce potential collision risks between pedestrian and vehicle traffic during heavy plant and boat movement operations.

Marinas and boat yards are bustling with diverse activities, including boat lifting, launching, service, repairs and storage operations. These operations often run alongside onsite marine services, members and visitors accessing berths, general visitor access, contractors and deliveries.

Implementing ZoneSafe’s Sensor-Activated Warning Signs offer a practical solution to enhance onsite safety, reduce risk and increase awareness of site users and visitors when a boat movement occurs.

The Benefits of ZoneSafe's Sensor-Activated Warning Signs

Improving awareness during heavy plant and boat movement operations around a busy marina and boat yard helps to reduce the risk of any potential collision or accident. An activated warning sign offers many benefits including:

  • Automatic Real-Time Activation
  • Highly Visual Warning
  • Heightens Awareness
  • Reduces Operational Risks
  • Prevents Complacency & Over Warning
  • Promotes a Safe Environment
tractor-towing-yacht- towards-activated-signage

Automatic Real-Time Activation – Automatic activation occurs using a vehicle-mounted sensor communicating with the warning sign in real-time. Warning signs are active only when heavy plant or boat-moving equipment is in operation. A configurable activation distance between the vehicle and the warning sign is predetermined based on site requirements, ensuring automatic sign activation every time.

Highly Visual Warning – The warning sign uses alternating amber lights to attract the attention of anyone in close proximity. With the sign’s automatic activation, the enhanced warning tells people that heavy plant or boat movement operations are underway.

Heightened Awareness – In addition to the highly visual nature of the sign, a heightened sense of awareness ensures people are aware of the risk and helps reduce collision and near-miss incidents.

Reduces Operational Risks – Using sensor-activated warning signs across the marina or boat yard reduces potential collision risks between pedestrian and vehicle traffic during heavy plant and boat movement operations.

Prevents Sign Blindness & Over Warning – Unlike a static warning sign which often gets filtered out with unimportant details, ZoneSafe’s sensor-activated sign draws attention only when a potential hazard exists and then automatically turns off, preventing over-warning when the risk of an accident or collision is no longer present.

Promotes a Safe Environment – For marinas and boat yards, where the safety of their staff, members and visitors is a priority, implementing sensor-activated signs illustrates the organisation is proactive towards site safety and addresses the potential hazards of heavy plant and move movements on site.

How Does Activated Signage Work?

Minimise the risk of
vehicle-person collisions

ZoneSafe proximity warning safety solutions
reduce the risk of accidents between
pedestrian workers, vehicles and assets.

Watch the animation to understand how
ZoneSafe creates a safer workplace for
worksites worldwide.

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can reduce the risk in your workplace?

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“This system is working for us in keeping personnel and forklifts safely apart… ZoneSafe has added a significant extra layer of safety that alerts both the forklift driver and pedestrian.”

Robert Wilcox, Massey Wilcox

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