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Proximity Warning Systems for Farming

Reduce the risk of farming accidents with ZoneSafe Proximity Warming Systems.

According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE),  farming vehicles are the most common cause of serious and fatal injuries in the agriculture sector. This makes it essental for farming businesses to implement important safety features to reduce the risk of serious accidents. 

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems can improve the safety on your farm in areas where heavy machinery and pedestrians may meet. We provide activated warnings to vehicle operators and personnel, providing a final level of defence against serious collisions. Tractor overturns and runovers are common causes of fatalities on farms. Other common incidents include falls from heights and being trapped by machinery collapsing.

In 2022/23, 27 people were killed as a result of farming-related activities, which could have been prevented if safety systems were implemented.

Minimise Farming Vehicle Collisions

ZoneSafe reduces the risk of accidental collisions between people and equipment.

Identify workers and objects in high-risk areas.

Improves farm health and safety.

Tag-based system alerting personnel and drivers to hazards around them.


Older farm workers (45+) account for 80% of work-related fatalities in the last 5 years.


27 People were killed in 2022/23 as a result of farming related activites.


Workplace injury rate in farming is 4,100 in every 100,000 workers.

farming machinery types

Suitable for All Types of Farming Vehicles

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems are compatible with a range of farming vehicles, such as:

  • Tractors
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Balers
  • Sprayers Cultivators
  • Seed Drills
  • Cranes
  • Dozers
  • Grain Carts
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Benefits of Using Proximity Warning Systems on a Farm

Improves worker safety and reduces collision risk.

Boosts morale and productivity of staff.

Improves safety on the farm by reducing the risk of accidents.

Saves money by preventing costly machinery repairs and replacements.

Protect Your Farming Operations

Safeguarding farming operations is needed for workers’ and farm machinery safety.

Tailored to fit a wide range of vehicles, from tractors to specialised equipment like sprayers and seed drills.

Our proactive approach significantly reduces accidents, creating a safer environment for everyone working on a farm.

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protecting farming operations


Combine Harvesters


Keyo Agricultural Services, a leading UK farming services company, partnered with ZoneSafe to enhance farm safety. Agriculture is a high-risk industry, and Keyo wanted a solution to reduce vehicle/pedestrian incidents without distressing animals.

We provided a customised system with wearable vibrating tags for personnel and vehicle-fitted technology. The system alerts handlers through vibrations and audio/visual signals at site entrances, maintaining low noise and light levels.

This portable, easy-to-use solution significantly reduced incidents and is now integral to Keyo’s safety procedures, with positive feedback from users.

“The ZoneSafe system now forms an integral part of our company procedures, PPE and safety training program. We would highly recommend ZoneSafe and have already identified further areas within our operation where we will undoubtedly incorporate ZoneSafe systems in the future.”

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“This system is working for us in keeping personnel and forklifts safely apart… ZoneSafe has added a significant extra layer of safety that alerts both the forklift driver and pedestrian.”

Robert Wilcox, Massey Wilcox

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