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Reasons why ZoneSafe uses RFID to enhance safety in the workplace

Reasons why ZoneSafe uses RFID to enhance safety in the workplace

ZoneSafe is one of the leaders in Proximity Warning and Alert Systems using RFID technology. Here explains why our proximity alarms should be used on every busy site where pedestrians and vehicles work side by side.

Workplace transport

We often refer to activities involving vehicles in the workplace – and workplace transport. These workplaces include ports, warehouses, depots and construction sites, where people are injured due to collisions with vehicles far too often.

RFID technology has allowed for the risk of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians to be significantly reduced. Cutting-edge RFID proximity warning systems offer an exceptional solution. The concept is simple: the pedestrian wears an RFID tag and all workplace transport vehicles on site are fitted with an RFID detector (an antenna). When a pedestrian gets too close to a vehicle, both driver and pedestrian receive a warning.

The audible AND visual alarm signifies a serious danger of collision. Both parties cannot ignore the warning and the RFID technology ensures that is very difficult to ignore. Here are some top reasons why ZoneSafe’s RFID proximity warning systems can significantly reduce vehicle and worker collisions.

Obstructions are not an issue

Where there is poor visability, cameras become obsolete when detecting and preventing collisions between site vehicles and pedestrians. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) offers an extra level of protection, as it can see through objects, around corners and is not affected by airborne obstructions such as dust and smoke – and poor lighting.

Two-way warning

Both parties are warned of potential collisions; giving failsafe protection. The pedestrian wears an RFID tag on them at all times. All site vehicles are also fitted with an in-cab control unit, providing a 360° detection zone. Whenever a pedestrian enters that detection zone, both driver and pedestrian receive an audible AND visual warning. The pedestrian RFID tag vibrates, and the driver is alerted with an audible alarm and visual warning lights inside the cab.

Extremely versatile

ZoneSafe proximity warning systems can be used on most sites where there is a chance of collisions between workplace vehicles and pedestrians. This can be on construction sites, depots, ports, warehouses, recycling plants, mines and quarries – the list goes on. ZoneSafe’s RFID systems are easily applicable as the pedestrian tags (the heart of every system) are small and discreet, fitting on lanyards, hard hats, in high viz jacket pockets – anywhere that makes them easier to carry. RFID proximity warning systems can also be applied to the rail industry, as trackside maintenance often involves vehicles and workers in close proximity.

Change work behaviours

Unlike cameras, RFID systems (with warnings) alarm those who are getting dangerously close to the detection zone. Pedestrians and vehicle handlers alike begin to see a pattern where pedestrians tend to find themselves in close proximity with vehicles. This can make site workers mindful as to their situation and movements. The RFID alarms can identify unknown hazardous blind spots – and important areas where pedestrians need to be detected. This will also ensure that drivers get to know these areas, and will hopefully be more precautious.

Use data to identify risk

ZoneSafe Insight™, our Data management system, is our cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that can use recorded event data to identify near miss occurrences, analyse trends, create reports and manage pedestrian and vehicle incidents. Using identification technology, data logging and management information, ZoneSafe improves awareness of collision risks and helps keep workers and assets safe in the work place.

Help to save lives

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), has recorded for the year 2017/18, 10,000 workplace fatal injuries per year, of which 100 result in people dying at work.  The biggest reasons were from falling from height, closely followed by being struck by a moving vehicle and being struck from a moving object.

ZoneSafe can help to prevent these accidents in the workplace. Detect people, protect lives with ZoneSafe.

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