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What Are The Best Active Signage Systems For a Marina?

Why Active Signage Systems are Important.

The marina environment has many risks. However, when vehicles and people interact closely, it can often provide the most risk, especially when heavy vehicles such as cranes, boat-lifting vehicles, or forklifts operate. Visitors (including the general public) often arrive unfamiliar with not only the site layout but also the operations and procedures of the marina. Unlike many high-risk workplaces, having the general public in the marine environment, untrained and unaware of the risks around them, adds a further layer of safety for consideration.

In areas where danger is present, it’s often difficult to effectively communicate the nature of the hazard to everyone. Safety warnings should be highly engaging and eye-catching enough to grab the attention of everyone in the area and alert them to the risks around them. Mandatory safety signage in high-risk areas is vital in providing this quick advisory, but it can easily be ignored or go unnoticed. The problem is that traditional signage delivers messaging passively – totally reliant on the viewer to first see the warning, then pay attention and act on the information. Thankfully, there are ways to deliver these messages in a more engaging and eye-catching way.




ZoneSafe Active Signage Systems

ZoneSafe activated signage creates an entirely more active experience – drawing the eye and forcing users to view safety warnings immediately. The system uses RFID technology to communicate directly with workplace transport and manual handling equipment, providing a critical line of defence when operating vehicles that work closely with pedestrians and members of the public. It’s an efficient system that clearly communicates danger.

When moving machinery operates around pedestrians, the greatest risk is a collision, which can result in devastating consequences. Marinas regularly feature the movement of equipment, including forklifts, boats, cranes, and other vehicles. Ensuring safe passage for pedestrians while this activity takes place is a priority. Still, it can be challenging to achieve – ZoneSafe active signage helps to create effective segregation and raise situational awareness by delivering dynamic, eye-catching messaging at the right moment.

Reversing vehicles pose a serious risk around marinas, particularly in close proximity to water. Almost a quarter of all deaths involving workplace transport take place whilst reversing, and the risk of not only being hit but knocked into water is an additional consideration at the marina. Marina safety can be greatly improved by incorporating one or more of the ZoneSafe active signage systems range in conjunction with other measures such as barricades and separate reversing areas.

The ZoneSafe range of active signage includes:

Activated warning signs are electronic safety signs fitted adjacent to entry/exit points or at blind corners. The system automatically illuminates signage with flashing LED Lights as a vehicle approaches, immediately raising awareness.


Activated warning lights:

A warning beacon flashes red when a vehicle approaches or in conjunction with pedestrian access gates. This highly visual alarm alerts pedestrians to approaching vehicles. Beacons flash green when the area is clear.


Traffic Lights:

Traffic lights effectively control traffic flow or pedestrians, make everyone aware of the danger and force users to stop if required.


Projected warning signs

This clever system instantly projects an image onto the floor when activated by an approaching vehicle. This is an effective solution at blind corners and in areas of reduced visibility.


Each ZoneSafe solution can be installed independently or fitted to operate in conjunction with other ZoneSafe products. In any high-risk environment, conducting a thorough risk assessment specific to the site and tailoring the solution to best meet those specific needs and risks is important. The priority is to address the threats present and significantly reduce the opportunity for accidents to take place.

At the marina, consideration for pedestrians who are members of the public is a key concern. People who do not know the danger are at increased risk, so measures must be implemented for their protection. Control measures could include exclusion of pedestrians from specific areas, segregated walkways or barricades. Whatever the measure, communication is vital – all of the ZoneSafe active signage systems use highly visual and timely messaging to achieve this at the right moment.

ZoneSafe activated signage is available to support the safe movement of vehicles at marinas. Some of the benefits of incorporating ZoneSafe include:

  • Automatic real-time activation – the vehicle’s mounted sensor automatically communicates with signage on approach, immediately illuminating the sign in real-time. The activation distance is configurable to meet specific site requirements.
  • Highly visual warning involves flashing lights and beacons, providing a highly visual alert that immediately grabs attention at the right moment.
  • Heightens awareness – awareness is raised at the crucial moment when risk is present. This enables pedestrians to move away from danger and alerts drivers to the potential presence of pedestrians in good time.
  • Reduces operational risks – accidents are reduced by taking a proactive approach to safety. Safety accidents can destroy lives and businesses. By taking these measures and ensuring fewer opportunities for accidents to occur, risks to people and businesses are reduced.
  • Prevents complacency and over-warning – over-warning in high-risk areas is a common problem. It can result in ‘sign blindness’, but activated signage efficiently counteracts this by only illuminating when danger is present. Signs deactivate when the risk is gone and sit dormant until reactivated. This is a much more engaging way to communicate safety risks.
  • Promotes a safe environment – by incorporating ZoneSafe into the workplace, a safer work environment is created. At marinas, this is not just an important measure for workers but also for the members of the public and occasional visitors to the marina. Investment in safety promotes safe working practices and helps to protect everyone.

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