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Recresco, Glass Recycling Plant


Recresco had a requirement for pedestrians and vehicles to work in a shared area.

Recresco specialises in processing bottled glass, established 11 years ago. The Cwmbran plant was set up in 2010 to supply glass wool insulation to Knauf Insulation in Torfaen, a manufacturer of roof, wall, and floor insulation. Recresco has grown considerably in the last 11 years now providing a global customer base.

Recresco has invested 1.6 million into new cutting-edge technology and is committed to making recycling viable and had doubled its operations as a result.

The requirement

They had a requirement for pedestrians and vehicles to work in a shared area. They identified that a proximity detection systems would allow vehicles and people to work together in a safer work environment. Since implementing the ZoneSafe System Kevin Edwards remarked  “ZoneSafe has improved our onsite safety 100%”

Solution and implementation

Our approach relies on close collaboration, we worked with Recresco to get a deeper understanding not only of what they were looking for but also of how they work on site.

Providing a system to manage access control, in and out of site. In addition protecting contractors and transport companies visiting site to be issued with a ZoneSafe armband. Whilst complementing existing walkways systems and adding the additional protection needed for staff working in the main loading areas.

Recresco expressed that ZoneSafe provided the final level of protection needed to ensure a safety system that didn’t rely on complacency and allowed for human error. The system was well received by contractors and visitors and they expressed how they had been complimented for the added protection on-site.

Watch Recresco video case study

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