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Eurovia install proximity warning alert system at Roadstone, UK

Eurovia Roadstone, based in Dagenham, Essex is one of the world’s largest asphalt producers, with operations across Europe and much of the world. Based in various locations in the UK, they provide innovative warm-mix asphalt as well as traditional materials.

As part of their annual appraisal, Asphalt Technician Emma Barnard was given the task to come up with an innovative idea for health and safety.

Proximity safety is an idea that caught her eye, and more specifically – when a personnel member is near a shovel loader, there was a real need for a proximity warning alert system that alerted the driver to personnel close by.

As a solution, in 2016 Eurovia installed a Proximity Warning System from ZoneSafe.

Eurovia installed ZoneSafe’s Vehicle to Person Alert Detection System – a system designed to help prevent accidental collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrian workers. Offering a flexible solution, the ZoneSafe proximity warning alert system fits to all vehicle types – from materials handling equipment to plant.

The system immediately provides a warning when a pedestrian wearing a tag enters the detection zone around the vehicle. This emits an audible visual alert from the in-cab control unit. The operator is instantly warned of a pedestrian’s presence and can take appropriate safety precautions. When the tag is no longer detected in the exclusion area the alarm will stop.

Emma states:

“Safety is one of Eurovia Roadstone’s top priorities and, as a business that embraces innovation, we are constantly looking for new ways to make sure our staff, employees and anyone visiting our sites remain safe at all times.

The people and plant interface is one of the biggest hazards not only at Eurovia Roadstone, but across the whole of the UK construction sector, so the fact we can now successfully monitor this and alert a person to potential dangers is a massive improvement.

The safety proximity sensors are hugely beneficial for what we do because now employees and other members of staff have become more aware of the loading shovel.

It would be brilliant if this innovation was rolled out across the industry. If it saves one person’s life, it would be worth it.”

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