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Proximity alarm system

Pedestrians are warned of approaching vehicles through tag vibration whilst vehicle drivers are warned of pedestrians via the proximity sensor.

How it works

Reduce the risk of pedestrian collisions with our proximity alarm system

  • ZoneSafe Antenna(s) are fitted to each vehicle creating a 360-degree proximity alarm system zone.
  • The proximity alarm system detection zone has a fully adjustable range from 3 to 10 metres. It can also detect through walls and racking.
  • Pedestrian workers wear ZoneSafe Tags which are identified by the ZoneSafe Antenna.
  • Upon tag detection, ZoneSafe VibraTags vibrate warning the pedestrian of the approaching vehicle.
  • Upon tag detection, the ZoneSafe Control Unit (located next to the driver) warns the driver of any pedestrians in the proximity sensor zone.

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Zonesafe System Components

ZoneSafe Antenna

The ZoneSafe antenna is fitted to the vehicle. The antenna creates an invisible 360 degree proximity alarm system zone around the vehicle and will detect ZoneSafe tags up to ten metres away.

ZoneSafe Control Unit

The ZoneSafe control unit is positioned next to the driver inside the vehicle. When a tag is detected, the control unit alarms warning the driver of the vehicles close proximity sensor to the person wearing the tag.

ZoneSafe Tags

ZoneSafe tags are worn by all pedestrian workers. When tags are detected by the antenna, the proximity sensor alarm sounds. The tag will also vibrate warning of any approaching vehicle (only when Vibratags are used).

Detection Zone

The proximity alarm system zone is an invisible bubble around the vehicle which detects ZoneSafe tags. The zone can be adjusted to detect tags up to 10 metres away detecting through walls, racking and around corners.

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Eurovia install proximity warning alert systems at Roadstone, UK

Eurovia Roadstone, based in Dagenham, Essex is one of the world’s largest asphalt producers installed a ZoneSafe proximity warning alert system in 2016.

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