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Worksite Safety Challenges

Developing a range of proximity warning solutions to enhance your worksite safety.

Challenge your worksite safety

Worksite safety is different on every worksite. As the manufacturer of ZoneSafe proximity warning systems, we have the ability to build your safety solution to your requirements and help resolve those extra challenges to keep your workforce safe.

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Worksite Safety - Reduce the risk of accidents to your employees
  • Do your staff work in close proximity to moving vehicles?
  • Can your drivers see where they’re going, or do they have blind spots around the vehicle?
  • Does your worksite have poor visibility, obstructions or concealed entrances?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, both you and your workforce are at risk of collisions.

ZoneSafe proximity warning and alert systems significantly reduce the risk of accidents and increase worksite safety between pedestrian workers and moving vehicles. Detect pedestrian workers and warn drivers of their close proximity (even from behind objects such as walls, racking or around corners!).

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Worksite Safety - Detect, Vibrate, Warn, Repeat!

When working in noisy, poorly lit, or dusty environments, drivers can’t always see pedestrian workers whilst operating materials-handling vehicles. Depending on the conditions, those pedestrian workers may not be able to see or hear the vehicles either! How can you be alerted to vehicles approaching from around corners when you can’t see or hear them? Zonesafe Vibratags are the answer!

Each pedestrian worker wears a ZoneSafe Tag to ensure they’re always detected by the ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person Alert system, warning the driver of their location. Vibratags are an upgraded version of these tags. A burst of vibration from each Vibratag ensures the wearer is alerted whenever any vehicle approaches close by, helping to maximise your worksite safety.

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Worksite Safety - Making the detectable undetectable!

Installing a proximity warning system on your worksite to detect personnel can significantly improve worksite safety. The driver is alerted to all pedestrian workers in the detection zone around the vehicle via an alarm from the in-cab control unit, helping to ensure each pedestrian worker is kept safe, and the risk of a collision is kept to a minimum.

But what happens when pedestrian workers need to approach the vehicle to help load or unload? The proximity warning alarm will continuously alarm until the workers leave the detection zone around the vehicle. These types of alarms are known as nuisance alarms which can be frustrating, and in time, lead to alarms being ignored.

Minimise all nuisance alarms by fitting a ZoneSafe Q-box in areas where the system continually alarms, such as loading bays. By masking any detection of tags, the Q-box creates a quiet zone and any detection alarms are no longer. Talk to us to find out more.

Our solution
Worksite Safety - No Tags, No Problem

Creating a tagless proximity warning system didn’t make sense initially. With a standard solution tags would normally be given to people so they can either be detected or made aware of approaching vehicles through vibration from a ZoneSafe Vibratag. So, how do you warn the general public of approaching vehicles that manoeuvre boats through a marina car park when you cannot give them a tag? We scratched our heads at first, but then we re-engineered the solution.

Active warning signs are part of ZoneSafe’s new range of tagless solutions. By fitting the tag to the vehicle and strategically placing activated warning signs around the car park that flash as soon as they detect the approaching vehicle, we resolved our customer’s problem. Talk to us today and find out how we can reduce the risk of accidents on your worksite. Don’t forget, as manufacturers of ZoneSafe, we can create a bespoke solution just for you.

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Warehouse & Logistics

ZoneSafe helps to reduce the risk of accidents. See how we've created safer places to work in a warehouse & logistics environment.

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Ports & Terminals

ZoneSafe's range of proximity warning and alert systems have helped create safer places to work in ports and terminals over in Chile.

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Paper & Packaging

ZoneSafe worksite safety solutions increase safety in the paper and packaging industry. Mondi improved safety across their worksites in Europe.

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James Jones manufacture timber products across The UK. Find out how they've reduced the risk of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles.

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Waste & Recycling

ZoneSafe create safer places to work using their range of proximity warning and alert systems in the waste and recycling sector.

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The people and plant interface is one of the biggest hazards to Eurovia and the construction sector. Find out how ZoneSafe creates a safer worksite.

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Mines & Quarries

ZoneSafe fits any vehicle type including large scale vehicles used in mines and quarries. Eurovia operate similar vehicles with ZoneSafe fitted.

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Aviation use ZoneSafe Asset & Hazard Alert to reduce the risk of accidents on the airport apron between ground service vehicles and aeroplanes.

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