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The Tools & The Tech

The Tools & The Tech

At ZoneSafe we work hard; continually adapting our solutions to meet specific concerns with all our customer’s striving for a common end goal – a safe workplace. The sectors we work with including waste & recycling, manufacturing, logistics and construction report some of the highest accidents at work statistics in the UK and you only have to look at data from  HSE to see the greatest threats to safety – pedestrian/vehicle collision, fall from height, machinery incidents and slips and falls to name a few.


We develop solutions that increase safety and reduce risk and the feedback from our customers is clear – our systems work. But what other measures can you take to get the most out of our products? We believe the technology we offer is only part of the solution and combining ZoneSafe systems with procedures and training will arm your staff with the tools and the tech needed for a safer workplace.



Clear safety procedures are crucial in any industrial workplace. Procedures create standardised processes for safe operation and offer your employees a point of reference for safe working practise. When introducing safety tech to your business, it’s important your company procedures are updated to include the new equipment. Clear communication is so important with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and minimal use of jargon increasing buy-in from users. We strive to make our alert systems and wearable tech extremely user friendly and feedback from our customers overwhelmingly confirms this but it’s always helpful to have supportive procedures available and easily accessible to assist operators.



When introducing new tech, the importance of training can’t be underestimated. You can spend a fortune on the latest equipment but it will never reach its full potential if users don’t know how it works. When people understand a new system, they are more likely to respond to it in a positive way and appreciate it’s value.


At ZoneSafe, we are passionate about our products – we want our customers to see dramatic results and we want to create a safer work environment. We work with you to not only install the system but also provide instruction on use, functionality and troubleshooting.  We recommend thorough initial and refresher training on ZoneSafe technology be delivered either independently or as part of the wider company safety training program.


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