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What You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Detection Range

What You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Detection Range

Points to consider when choosing your detection range

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert Systems use Radio Frequency Technology (RFID) to create a detection zone around each vehicle. Every time a person wearing a tag enters the detection zone, an in-cab alarm warns the driver and pedestrian that there is a risk of an accident.

The range of a detection zone on all ZoneSafe systems can be set up to 9 metres away from the vehicle so what should you consider when selecting your detection range? Well it’s much the same as when you learn to drive. Information from your theory test will stand you in good stead when considering your detection zone. Remember stopping distances? Below is some handy information to save you looking up the details on the internet or even trying to remember!

When considering the points below, remember the size and weight of your vehicle and the speed it can travel. It is also worth thinking about the vehicle type as most of this research is based on cars but the information should be applicable to any moving vehicle. With industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks or a reach stacker, factors like road surfaces would be more important than speed.

Thinking distance – 

It takes time for a driver to react to a situation. During this reaction time the car carries on moving. The thinking distance is the distance travelled in between the driver realising he needs to brake and actually braking.
Thinking distance can be increased by:

  • greater speed
  • tiredness
  • distractions
  • alcohol and drugs

Braking distance –

The braking distance is the distance taken to stop once the brakes are applied. Interestingly here are some factors that might increase stopping and breaking distance:
Braking distance can be increased by:

  • greater speed
  • poor road conditions (icy, wet)
  • car conditions (bald tyres, poor brakes, full of people)
  • Heavier loads
  • Road surfaces

Using the above information may help you consider your requirements when setting the detection range. Depending on vehicle type many of our customers find setting a 4-5 metre range as the optimum setting.

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