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Proximity Warning Systems & industrial Safety Solutions

Proximity warning technology and industrial safety detection systems to create safer places to work

ZoneSafe has provided industrial safety solutions for over 30yrs

Our range of industrial safety solutions and detection technology can be fitted to any type of vehicle, no matter what shape or size. Each system can be used individually or combined together to create a complete worksite safety solution. We design and manufacture safety solutions that can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Proximity Warning Systems For Pedestrian Safety

ZoneSafe Person To Vehicle Alert is our proximity warning and alert safety solution that reduces the risk of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles working in close proximity to each other.

  • Pedestrian worker detection
  • Approaching vehicle detection
  • 360 degree detection around vehicles
  • Detection through walls, racking and around corners
  • Eliminates blind spots from around vehicles
  • Undetectable Tag zones for person to vehicle integration – e.g. load / unload areas
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Proximity Warning Systems For Vehicle To Vehicle Industrial Safety

ZoneSafe’s Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System detects vehicles from long-range helping to reduce the risk of collisions, injury, damage and vehicle downtime.

  • Long range detection up to 50 metres
  • Automatic vehicle detection warning
  • Two configurable detection warning zones
  • Two different alarm warnings depending on which zone detection
  • Reduce the risk of collision, injury and damage
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Proximity Warning Systems For Vehicle Safety

ZoneSafe Asset Protection & Hazard Alert uses proximity warning detection technology to help prevent damage to industrial vehicles, assets and hazards. Place ZoneSafe safety detection cones around assets and hazards and automatically warn the driver when the vehicle gets too close.

  • Strategically place safety detection cones around assets and hazards
  • Detect assets & hazards up to 10 metres away
  • Driver warning alert when vehicle gets too close to assets and hazards
  • Virtually maintenance free, quick and easy to deploy
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Proximity Warning Systems for Access Control & Vehicle Activated Signage

Using smart detection technology and access control, ZoneSafe’s range of proximity warning systems and detection-activated solutions can significantly increase industrial safety throughout your worksite.

  • Detect vehicles & project electronic warning signs to warn pedestrians
  • Detect vehicles and automatically close or lock gates & barriers
  • Use ZoneSafe Tags to automatically open locked doors and barriers (hands free)
  • Control vehicle movement and help prevent accidents using vehicle detection & traffic lights
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Data Management

ZoneSafe Data Management helps to identify, monitor and improve areas of risk throughout your worksite and is available to use on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Data stored from each ZoneSafe system is automatically sent to the cloud. Customers can then access this data, review, even print off reports of essential site safety information and look at ways (including other industrial safety solutions) to further increase safety throughout their worksite.

  • Identify trends and behaviours
  • Analyse and compare events
  • Track vehicles and near miss occurrences
  • Provides data to help manage KPI’s
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Our experience speaks for itself


Years experience in providing smart detection industrial safety solutions


We've reduced the risk of injury to more than 16000 people in the last year


We've significantly increased the safety of our customers in over 25 countries worldwide

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All ZoneSafe proximity warning systems and industrial safety solutions are manufactured and distributed by Avonwood Developments Ltd.

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