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How can proximity warning technology really help workplace safety?

How can proximity warning technology really help workplace safety?

Industrial worksites can be dangerous places with the common use of heavy machinery and workplace transport creating often hazardous working conditions. Every year tens of thousands of people are injured at work in the UK causing distress and disruption to business.

Thankfully the rate of fatal injury has been on a downward trend and broadly flat in recent years but with the latest HSE figures for 2020/21 showing 142 people lost their lives as a result of a workplace accident, it’s clear more needs to be done.

In industrial workplaces, heavy equipment often operates in close proximity to ground workers, creating the potential for collisions between workers and vehicles. Working in proximity is unavoidable in many cases, but it is possible to minimise and even totally eradicate the risk of collision when the right safety precautions and equipment are used.

What is ZoneSafe?

ZoneSafe is a proximity warning safety solution that uses RFID technology to alert vehicle operators and pedestrians to hazards. The system is designed to raise the alarm in advance of a collision so that accidents can be avoided.

A detection antenna is fitted to the vehicle creating an invisible adjustable detection zone. Personnel working in the area wear active RFID tags which can be fitted to clothing, worn on a lanyard or simply placed in a pocket. When a person or object enters the defined detection zone, an audio/visual alarm is raised to the vehicle operator and tagged pedestrian.

The flexible system is adaptable and easy to use. It can be fitted to vehicles, people, walls, robots and hazards, and has been used to improve safety across a wide range of industries.

Workplace accidents have a lasting impact not just on the individuals involved but on their families, colleagues and on the business. By increasing awareness to hazards and raising the alarm in advance of a collision, accidents are avoided. ZoneSafe technology makes worksites safer by alerting workers to risks that they otherwise may not see and increasing general awareness around the workplace.


How does ZoneSafe proximity warning technology really improve workplace safety?


  1. Reduce pedestrian-vehicle collision – Proximity warning technology reduces the risk of vehicle-pedestrian collisions by alerting workers to collision risks before they happen. This stops accidents in their tracks and is invaluable in protecting people and assets in busy worksites where heavy machinery is used.
  2. Reduce vehicle-vehicle collision – ZoneSafe proximity warning detection removes the chance of vehicle to vehicles collisions and damage which can be very costly in repairs and lost productivity.
  3. Raise awareness – By raising awareness around the pedestrian/vehicle interface, accidents are avoided and lessons are learned. When workers are alerted to hazards, their understanding of safety in the workplace and the risks to their own personal safety and that of others is increased. Developing an understanding of risk gradually changes worker behaviour by prompting users to act when faced with a hazard and think more about safety at work and the risks involved.
  4. Improve safety in challenging environments – Visual proximity alert systems reduce collision risks at blind spots, intersections, and in poorly lit areas. Technology makes invisible hazards visible. The system can operate in completely dark environments, ‘see’ around corners and create detection areas around drop zones.
  5. Drive positive safety culture – Investment in safety and in supportive technology shows a strong company commitment and sends a strong message to workers that the business cares about their safety. This helps to build morale and company loyalty which is so important in developing a positive safe working culture within a business. By implementing proximity alert systems that encourage positive and safe behaviour, the overall culture of the business is improved.
  6. Ensure compliance – Company safety standards are made clear and understandable underpinned by improved safety culture. Proximity warning technology drives safe behaviour and maintains a record of incidents and breaches. Increased knowledge of incidents makes it possible to improve investigation and risk assessment and ensure compliance to industry safety obligations.
  7. Target high-risk areas – The modular system makes it possible to target known safety concerns within a workplace. The flexible technology can be deployed across different areas within a worksite to ensure extra precautions are taken in relation to high-risk activities or locations. Each proximity warning safety solution is available as a stand-alone system or combined to create a complete site-wide safety solution.
  8. Learn from every incident – Data analysis provides visibility into your operation and highlights the greatest risks. Data capture technology provides real-time event data of every breach and makes incident reporting straightforward and accurate. The data dashboard provides a quick reference overview of the five vehicles and operators most involved in incidents making investigation easier and more focused. This information can then be used to tailor training programs or tweak company procedures.
  9. Collaborative safety system – Proximity detection hardware can be integrated with other vehicle systems, such as slow down or creep mode and access control. Vehicles and robotics can be programmed to automatically slow or shut down when in close proximity substantially reducing the opportunity for collision.
  10. Increase productivity – A safe working environment suffers less downtime due to accidental damage, injury and investigation. By investing in proximity warning technology, you can ensure your operation runs more smoothly with less disruption.


Contact ZoneSafe today to discuss your workplace safety concerns on 01202 868000 or visit our contact us page on the website. Alternatively, you may want to read some of our ZoneSafe news articles including our last article: 5 Ways Proximity Warning Technology Provokes Behavioural Change & Increases Safety


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