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SAAM Ports – Protect Personnel


SAAM offers cargo support services in Chile and South America, employing over 7000 people with an active presence in over 10 countries. Working closely with their employees and unions, SAAM carried out an evaluation project to find a solution to protect personnel and assets from vehicle collisions within their ports.

Several different solutions were available on the market, which were evaluated and compared. SAAM evaluated the ZoneSafe Vehicle to Person system in which they identified and achieved the following objectives:

  • Protect personnel passing within key areas of operation
  • Minimise the risk of harm to pedestrians within areas of container handling
  • Raise safety standards within the terminal and be recognised for their safety standards
  • Provide a system to support, data evaluation and extraction


Proximity Warning devices fitted to reach stackers in Chile port

This video (Spanish) demonstrates the ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert System working at Iquique (ITI), one of SAAM’s ports in the north of Chile.

The most common job at the port is loading and unloading large containers and vehicles. Reach stacker drivers operate with limited vision due to the size of the vehicle and container they are moving.

The ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert System has been fitted to all reach stackers. By identifying pedestrian workers in close proximity to the vehicle, safety and awareness has been significantly increased.

System Installation

After carrying out an evaluation and comparison of products in the market, SAAM’s analysis concluded that the ZoneSafe system exceeded their aims and objectives and installed the system across operational machinery with over 250 operating personnel transponders at their Iquique Port in Chile.


SAAM provided feedback after the installation of the system; they explained how impressed they were and how well the workers had received the system in the port.

They expressed that ZoneSafe positively impacted on safety straight away and that the reality was that there was a real need for this system more than had first been realised – ZoneSafe will protect personnel.

They were surprised how the system also increased staff morale and that employees expressed they felt a greater sense of appreciation and care.

SAAM implemented extensive training of the ZoneSafe system and adopted established training methods for all staff members.

Since installation SAAM have focused their efforts to create a culture addressing the importance of health and safety and have implemented mandatory tag use establishing it as part of their workers PPE.


ZoneSafe continues to work with SAAM on an implementation program to roll out the ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert System onto operational machinery across their other Ports in Chile and South America.

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