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IOSH announce a six-fold increase in fines of £1m or more since new guidelines are introduced.

IOSH announce a six-fold increase in fines of £1m or more since new guidelines are introduced.

According to IOSH there has been a six-fold increase in fines of £1m or more for accidents and near-misses at work since the new sentencing guidelines were introduced in England and Wales.

Every employee in every industry has the right to expect that their employer will do all they can to prevent them being injured in an accident or exposed to something that could harm their health. Unfortunately people are becoming ill, getting injured and even killed as a result of business operations – whether it’s because they are at work, or through contact with businesses whose processes and operations fall short of necessary health and safety standards. When this occurs as a result of health and safety failures, it is of course important that those responsible are held accountable. Perhaps more importantly, taking action through the criminal courts is thought to be moving the issue up the corporate agenda in the UK and improving standards, which in turn protects the public.

Last year, the UK sat up and took notice as some of the largest fines ever were issued for health and safety cases, following the introduction of new guidelines on 01 February 2016. These provide, for the first time, clear guidance on how all health and safety cases should be sentenced.

The new guidelines are beginning to provide a measure of the impact that corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences can have on people and the economy. The levels of these fines is also starting to reflect the economic cost to the UK of workplace illness or injury, which is reported to have been £14.1 billion in 2016. While fines last year regularly exceeded the million-pound mark, fines are expected to increase with even larger fines in the future for businesses failing to meet their health and safety duties.

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