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Which Proximity Warning & Alert System Is Best For My Work Place?

Which Proximity Warning & Alert System Is Best For My Work Place?

Which Proximity Warning & Alert System Is Best For My Work Place?

Creating a safe working environment should be at the forefront of every industry no matter the size or scale of the business or work.

Health and safety is a crucial factor in every workplace.

Regulations, risk assessments, restricted access, safety barriers and safety procedures are all put in place to help make your work site a safer place.

An increasing number of companies are realising the potential of a proximity warning systems and how they can make their work site a safer place. When people work in close proximity to dangerous machinery or vehicles, an extra level of safety needs to be applied.

  • Do you often wonder how can you make the driver of a reach stacker aware of a worker stood in the vehicle’s blind spot?
  • Or, how can the pedestrian workers detect a vehicle approaching from behind in a noisy, badly lit environment?
  • What about when a warehouse operative accidently trips and falls onto a conveyor belt heading towards an industrial shredder?

The outcome to all of these dangers can be avoided using radio frequency identification – RFID technology.


How to reduce the risk of accidental collisions:

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert Systems use RFID technology to help reduce the risk of accidental collisions at work and near miss occurrences between personnel, assets, vehicles and machinery.

But what type of Proximity Warning System might you need?

Below is a range of applications which are ideally suited to each industry. Some of the systems developed are used in more than one industry and because ZoneSafe systems are built in house, they can be modified to suit your exact requirements.

Construction – Person to Vehicle Alert / Asset Protection

Warehouse & Distribution – Person to Vehicle Alert / Crossing Alert / Walkway Alert

Ports & Terminals – Person to Vehicle Alert

Manufacturing, Waste & Recycling – Machine Shutdown / Person to Vehicle Alert

Mines & Quarries – Vehicle To Vehicle Alert / Person to Vehicle Alert

Aviation – Asset Protection

Person to Vehicle Alert – A proximity warning and alert system detects personnel working in the vicinity of the vehicle. An in cab alarm lets the driver know when they are too close to a pedestrian worker.


Further options include:

  • A vibrating tag given to the pedestrian worker can also make him or her aware of any approaching vehicles.
  • Antennas can be placed onto moving parts of the vehicle such as the bucket on an excavator to minimise the risk of collision.

Asset Protection – Cones fitted with proximity tags are placed around assets to create a detection zone. Every time a vehicle encroaches the zone getting too close to the asset, the in-cab alarm fitted to the vehicle makes the driver aware that they are too close.

Crossing AlertAudible visible alarms are placed at a pedestrian crossing point to warn of approaching vehicles. This system works especially well when vehicles are approaching from around corners or behind obstacles.

Walkway Alert – Similar to the Crossing Alert, the system warns pedestrians using the walkway of the approaching vehicle. Detection units can be placed along the walkway to tell pedestrians that the vehicle approaching is getting closer.

Machine Shutdown – This system is designed specifically for industrial machinery which uses conveyor belts to feed balers, crushing and shredding machines. The system automatically shuts down should a person fall onto the conveyor belt and be dragged towards the compacting, crushing or shredding section.

Vehicle To Vehicle Alert – Fitted to large vehicles such as quarry haul trucks, antennas are installed to each vehicle. Using line of site each vehicle can be detected up to 100 metres away. The in-cab control unit will alarm when a vehicle is detected – extremely useful when the vehicle has many blind spots.

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