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Adapts To Suit Any Vehicle

Adapts To Suit Any Vehicle

Adapts To Suit Any Vehicle

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert Systems are used all over the world, operate in all sorts of environments and are fitted to many different vehicle types.

Whether it’s a forklift truck in the warehouse, a reach stacker in the port or an excavator working on a construction site, we realised early on in ZoneSafe development, we needed the product to be versatile and have the ability to work on many different types of vehicles and machinery. And so far, so good! There hasn’t been a vehicle that couldn’t use our ZoneSafe system, no matter what its shape or size.

For example, a forklift truck would typically use our standard ZoneSafe system. This is a one antenna system that creates the detection zone around a vehicle.

Much larger vehicles such as reach stackers or excavators need to have multiple antennas fitted to the vehicle because of their shape and size. Each individual detection zone created by the antenna merges together to form one large detection zone around the whole vehicle.

These types of vehicles, however, may need two different detection zones, one for the vehicle body and one for the rotating digger arm or boom. Below is an example of where an antenna can be fitted to the arm of the excavator giving the vehicle two detection zones. Because we manufacture our own systems, we can also include further options such as the detection zone only operating in front of the vehicle when going forward or switching to behind when reversing.

Excavator with ZoneSafe system

Customised solutions

It’s worth talking to us about your vehicles and the type of system you need, we always offer the solution that works best for your circumstance. Should you rent your own forklift trucks, we can install the system ensuring there is no damage to any part of the vehicle. Or you may only need the system for a short period of time for a construction project. In which case we have various purchasing options available including short term rental solutions, lease hire or outright purchasing.

Should you have any questions about our ZoneSafe product range, contact us now on +44 (0)1258 868000 or email for further information.

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